Powering Financial Institutions with Generative AI

Streamline operations. Maximize insights.

How does AI give your company an edge?

Generative AI and Large Language Models are revolutionizing the software industry by granting them the ability to read, analyze, and explain text documentsโ€”from policy documents to claims files. Novo AI is at the forefront, bringing these capabilities to the insurance sector, streamlining processes like claims processing and customer support that were traditionally handled by humans.

For Insurance Companies

Understand Your Claim Documents

Our AI efficiently extracts data on claim documents, whether that's hospital invoices, police reports, or legal correspondence.

Automate Claims Processing

Leverage our AI to match billable items with the customer's policy document.

Optimize Pricing Strategies

Understand your claim documents down to the finest details. Which doctor is the most expensive? Which workshop is overcharging? Use AI to monitor and analyze price trends, identifying what drives costs in your offerings. Adjust to a dynamic market.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Equip your customer support with AI-driven tools to quickly and accurately explain coverage decisions to customers.

For Banks

Automate Document Processing

Bill of lading, invoices, packing lists, bank statements... our solutions can read them across 60+ major languages. Stop setting up new operation centers; start gathering insights from your documents.

Simplify Adverse Media Screenings

Conduct due diligence with the help of AI. Research on live internet data efficiently and intelligently.

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